Privacy policy

As you use our services, we collect data.

We may collect the following information when you use our website's services in order to identify users and improve the quality of our service.

When you visit our website, you may be asked to provide your email address, name, and other relevant personal information. This makes it simpler for the website owners to contact visitors if necessary and protects their rights when using our website.

Cookies are a string of characters transmitted from a web server to a web browser and then saved by the browser. "Persistent" and "session" cookies are the two types of cookies you should be aware of. A persistent cookie, for example, is one that is kept by a web browser and remains valid until its expiration date if the user does not erase it before that date.

In the meantime, once the users have completed their session, a session cookie will expire. Cookies do not include any personal information that might be used to identify a user. Personal information about you may, however, be connected to information stored in and received through cookies.

What are the ways in which we use the information we collect about you?

To keep track of the data of our readers, we use a variety of approaches. You must, however, keep track of your personal data and never disclose your password or any other information with anybody else. If you suspect your personal information is being leaked, please contact us immediately. We will tell you via email, phone, or letter if we are forced by law to provide your personal data.

Personal data of children is subject to restrictions.

Our website is not intended for minors under the age of thirteen. We also advise parents and guardians to limit and monitor their children's online activity. Personal information of children under the age of 13 will be protected to the best of our abilities. We also abide by California law, which prohibits the sale of personal information about minors aged 13 to 16.